Friday, 27 February 2015
Who we are


Freeformz is an association created in 2005 founded by various artists : painters, sculptors, designers, music composers and webmasters. We arrange many types of events : art exhibitions, concerts, parties, gaming events, workshops.

Freeformz aim to provide an open-minided art to all kind of peoples. Freeformz promotes artists, produces their work and help them to grow by selling their products around the world.

Brief History :

  • 2005/02 - Promotion and decorative art for the "Premières rencontres intergalletiques de Rennes" a french music event.

  • 2005/06 - Decorative art and live graffiti performance for the annual skateboard contest of Chantilly.

  • 2005/07 - Graffiti training sessions with the collaboration of the city Chantilly.

  • 2006/07 - Graffiti workshops in Chantilly

  • 2006/11 - Producing of the first Freeformz record "Mutation Phoniques"

  • 2007 - Live audio performance for many parties....